Isaac Wallace's Steamy and Melodic "Deep" Track

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Rising artist and Decatur, Georgia native, Isaac Wallace has dropped off a feel good track filled with melodies and runs, dedicated to a special someone out there. The new track is titled "Deep" and it's no guess what the song consists of.

Check out the official single, "Deep," below and make sure to listen to more heat from Isaac Wallace.

"Deep" is also available on Tidal!





Prestigious' Double Release: "The Man" Track + Visual

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The Cleveland, Ohio native Prestigious drops off a double release, "The Man," with both the single and official video

The video starts off with a skit of Prestigious trying to get from point A to point B in a woman's car who has clearly had enough. The track on the other hand offers a melodic, yet trap and piano led vibe provided by 08godz productions. The visual was shot by 103 Films

Check out, "The Man," below and hear more from Prestigious on SoundCloud


Twitter: @Prestigious216 



Video: @TheRealSchooch's "The Terminal/You Got Me"

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SCHOOCH and Inightlyfe hopped in the lab to produce a catchy visual for the soon to be released The Last Aviator project. "The Terminal/You Got Me" preps us for SCHOOCH's upcoming EP, Legends and Space, set to drop early December. Definitely be on the look out for more exclusive music from SCHOOCH.



Watch "The Terminal/You Got Me" below:



Producer @DreGoodDrakes produces new tracks on @dropolo's #DayThree project

DreGood: @DreGoodDrakes

DreGood: @DreGoodDrakes

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Atlanta residing Producer DreGood graced the well known Atlanta recording artist and Grand Hustle affiliate Young Dro’s long awaited mixtape, “Day Three”, producing tracks "Broken Hearted” and “Dear Lord.” Dro's all new project is the newest installment in the series of his recent projects: "Day One" and "Day Two."

Download and stream both “Broken Hearted” and “Dear Lord” along with Young Dro’s entire Day Three mixtape, hosted by Mr. Thanksgiving DJ Drama.



@LeelaJames hits the road for #SavageTheSoul Tour alongside R&B Singer Tank



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The beautiful and gracious Leela James recently spoke with our Georgia Media Agency team for an exclusive interview. As an undeniable talent as an R&B Singer, her grind doesn't stop there. James is deeply rooted in the community and recently volunteered and performed in Houston for Lemon-Lime Light Media's H30 Benefit Concert for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

James is currently on tour alongside singer Tank for their Savage x The Soul Tour and tracks from her new album "Did It For Love" will most definitely be performed at each stop of the tour.

Check out below the full interview. [ @leelajamesofficial | @therealtank ]



Ca$h Da God's New Sauce 'Cover Girl'

Blogged by: @georgia_doll

Blogged by: @georgia_doll

Recording artist Ca$h Da God by way of North Minneapolis, now residing in Atlanta, drops off a new hit record titled, "Cover Girl."

Now this single is nothing like what Ca$h's fans are used to. He decided to switch up his flow on this one. The track also features fellow Minnesota native, Mac Turner

Make sure to check out Ca$h Da God's new track, "Cover Girl," below and more of his music on SoundCloud

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Music: @OnlyTheFarrow's - "Throw That Shade"

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

Farrow and Sammy Adams recently teamed up to drop their all new track "Throw That Shade." The upbeat and catchy track leaves you wanting someone to throw that shade to you just so you can level up on them. Don't just take our word that the track is a banger, listen to it below and tell us what you think.

Stay connected:

Farrow - @OnlyTheFarrow

Sammy Adams - @SammyAdams



Getting to know The DMV conglomerate @The_Thr33_


Photo courtesy of Georgia Media Agency

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The Thr33. A talented group of artists Deemo and JahLike and Nabu, producer, by way of Silver Spring, MD traveled to ATL for a promo run and graced Georgia Media Agency with their presence and down to earth vibes. During the interview, the group discussed their solo contributions as artists and producers along with their close knit bond as a family and unit as they work together to see each project through.

With new music on the way, The Thr33 described their music, artistry, and goals for the future. The Thr33's JahLike explained how much of a household name they strive to be. "We want to attack all aspects of entertainment. We want to get our hands in everything" - JahLike

The interview was held at Means Street Studios and the group had the great privilege to play a couple of their tracks of unreleased music in Lil Uzi's official recording studio.

Connect: @The_Thr33 | @JahLike301 | @NabuX2_ | @daddy_dontplay

Check out the part one interview below and check back for part two dropping soon!



Up In The Studio: Blac Chyna Spotted In Recording Session


As some may know, there have been talks of Blac Chyna dropping music soon. While Chyna hasn't given much information to these claims, with photos surfacing on Snapchat and Instagram, it appears to all be coming together. A1 Bentley, who is supposedly Blac Chyna’s producer on the project, posted photos of the two in a recording session. A1 Bentley has worked with Chris Brown, Gucci Mane, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, Omarion, Kid Ink and many more. Blac Chyna, however, hasn’t posted any photos confirming the new music but we’re sure she has something on the way.

No matter what type of tracks Blac Chyna drops, we're sure she'll strategically map out her release and choice of songs. Anything is possible for the model and TV Star as she clearly is in good hands with an acclaimed producer with credits from some of Hip Hop’s faves. The time is now for Chyna to release the music that may take her status and artistry to the next level.



Rockstar Status: Lil Uzi Vert + Marilyn Manson to Release a Rock Album


Recording artist Lil Uzi Vert and Marilyn Manson finally met and now have a joint collaboration underway. Lil Uzi Vert explained back in 2016 his love for Marilyn Manson during an interview with Nardwuar. The Philly Native copped a $220K diamond choker and pendant of Manson by Ben Baller, a well-known Jeweler.

As Manson has been promoting his own new album, he also spoke to Consequence of Sound and stated the two are planning to create a rock album. As Lil Uzi Vert refers to himself as a rockstar, we're certain this project will impress us all.

Excerpt from Consequence of Sound Interview:

“He wants to do a rock album next, and I would love to see that happen because I think that he could make a new thing,” Manson says. “Not some rock/rap type of thing, something special and new that I think needs to be created just to f**k the world up more. I think that if I had to pick what Lil Uzi Vert should be, if he’s involved in rock, it’s an early Bad Brains or Faith No More, but with a catchier element. I think he has punk rock in him. He’s a lil crazy motherf****r. And good. Smart as f**k. He has an attitude like I did, and I like that about him.”



Rising Atlanta Artists @RealErvMitchell & @OGDanMurray Take NYC By Storm for Major Label Meetings

300 Meeting.png

Rising Atlanta artists Ervin Mitchell and Dan Murray take their talents to New York City as they meet with some of the city's major music labels. 

The enigmatic rapper, Dan Murray, who is fresh off the success of his breakthrough hit, "Young Hot Thotties," has been in high demand ever since the song. In response, the Atlanta rising artist was recently invited to make a visit to 300 Entertainment's New York offices to discuss his career and artistry as it pertains to his future.

A day later, we recover videos from Dan's manager's Snapchat showing fellow artist, Ervin Mitchell, leaving Sony Headquarters. The ball definitely seems to be in Erv's court, so we anticipate nothing but great news coming forth from these meetings.

Both artists have been building impressive streaming numbers on platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud and retaining a solid fan base. There's no other direction but up from both artists!

Connect with Ervin Mitchell and Dan Murray on social media!


@Realervmitchell // @ogdanmurray



New Music: @YaHighness776 - "BK Anthem"

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Brooklyn, NY artist Ya Highne$$ continues to deliver nothing but pure heat! This time around, Ya Highne$$ takes it to Brooklyn with a new track, "BK Anthem", produced by fellow Brooklyn native, Frontier. Visuals are directed by Lbito Rose and edited by Frontier.

You should add this track to your collection of "Music to ride to" - It sure is on ours!

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Watch the "BK Anthem" video below



@FelixxMusic Releases New Hit "THOT"

Felixx - Thot Cover Art.jpg

Felixx releases hot new single


After the release of Felixx's latest EP "Playlist" March of 2017, fans from all over have been waiting patiently for some new heat, and with the release of his new single 'THOT' on SoundCloud and YouTube, the wait is finally over!

A classically trained singer with influential energy from Mozart, Calvin Richardson, Prince, and Anthony Hamilton with a hybrid between smooth R&B and todays trap sounds. Felixx has opened for artists such as Babyface, Jagged Edge, CeeLo Green, Monica, Sheila E, and more.

Felixx's talent has also received the attention of various A&Rs and labels, as well as, scouts on American Idol, America's Got Talent, and The Voice just to name a few. Staying dedicated to sharpening his skills as an all-around performer, Felixx has spent the past year finding and perfecting his sound, all leading up to his hit new single 'THOT'.

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Check out 'THOT' and let us know what you think!



Interview: @whoisoyabun's Newly Released EP "NVRLND"

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GMA: Hey, it’s Georgia Doll with and I have the pleasure of interviewing recording artist Oyabun. So, Oyabun, you were born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Have you always lived in Brooklyn?

OYABUN: I was living in Miami for like 5 years and just relocated in January back to Brooklyn. I got accepted into school down in Miami and there was also Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn and our house was destroyed. I moved and not too long after my parents moved down to Miami as well.


GMA: What was the creative process behind of “Castle on The Hill?”

OYABUN: The song was initially produced by 6Twelve, who is like my main producer. [Usually, production that I have is between 4 different people] The vibe of the beat was kind of like the beginning of the song was. It was written kind of like a prayer, and then I got into kind of like wanting to switch up the mood with a tempo change. You hear the song’s tempo speed up. We took the song from that point and give people a whole new song.


GMA: I like “Cobain” as well. Talk a little about the make of that song as well.

OYABUN: “Cobain” was from a different project I was working on, but we ended up going in a different direction after I cut the "Castle on The Hill" record, but we didn’t want to not use the song. We made it the single; it’s just one of my favorite songs. I feel like the song was able to show people who OYABUN really was.

When I was in Vegas a couple months back [I hate Vegas, by the way], I stayed in my hotel room for three days watching music documentaries because I’m not into gambling and whatnot. I saw this one documentary on Kurt Cobain. I was able to capture this rock star feel.


GMA: "Cobain" just premiered on BET JAMZ in mid-June. How was that experience when you saw it on your own TV Screen?

OYABUN: It was honestly amazing. You know, you do something for a long time and you have these end goals. It was just dope because I feel like every artist wants to be on TV and reach these goals. It’s still surreal to me; I honestly still haven’t even really, fully digested it, actually. My whole team and family was able to be a part of it, which was also dope. We all were able to see that “Damn, this can really happen!” My mom sent me like 40 screenshots of the video and it was just a great moment for me.


GMA: What’s your newest project all about?

OYABUN: I just released my newest Extended Project [EP] titled “NVRLND.” The reason why I dropped it yesterday is because it’s so symbolic with the Solar Eclipse and the perfect time. My last project was titled “Mercury Retrograde”, so that was the vibe we were trying to go for. This project is also a art of the series of EPs I’m putting out.



GMA: Reflect on your music and its’ transition and progression: Then vs. Now.

OYABUN: When I would write songs initially, it was more poem-based and spoken word, more like the traditional “Boom-Bap” style. I felt like the music was more routine.

Now, I’ve lived life more, so I have a bigger aspect on my music. It’s not just from Brooklyn, it’s based off my transitions in life and where I’ve been.


GMA: So, you mentioned you’ve traveled a lot and it’s helped you make more music. Where else have you traveled?

OYABUN: Fortunately, my parents always wanted me to see different places and environments. We would go to Jamaica, where my pops is from and The Dominican Republic. Just to see different places and what’s out there. So, when I got older and I was presented an opportunity, I would take it and travel.  You get a chance to connect with so many different people.


GMA: Talk a little about your experience in Utah for four days, shooting the “Cobain” music video.

OYABUN: The visual we shot encompassed both songs. The videos are going to be released separately. Essentially, it was just amazing because the “NVRLND” project – The sound of it takes you to another world. I feel like Urban city environments give off a different vibe. So, we went to Utah to bend reality. It looks like we went to four different countries all in one. There was a desert and I’ve never experienced that. It was just different. I did it to create visuals for my art.


GMA: What’s next for your music and artistry?

OYABUN: I want to begin doing as many shows as I can. Even in other cities. I would like to open up for a headlining act and going on the road and riding out with them through a couple cities. This project is a gate opening of a race that I don’t feel that I’ll stop running anytime soon. I just want to keep pushing forward.


GMA: What else can we expect from the producers you work with or artist collaborations?

OYABUN: If I come into contact with someone I feel like we should collab, it has to happen organically. I would prefer it that way. My productions are really what I consider a collab. Multiple producers adding to the song and it feels like a band almost.


GMA: What music do you listen to that inspires and motivates your creativity?

OYABUN: It ranges. A lot of music that I’ve been gravitating towards as of lately is also blended genres. I listen to Old Kanye West, Cudi, The Weeknd’s album, things that are unconventional. These artists are changing what “Pop” is and changing the status quo. I also listen to rap, but I don’t want it to influence my music and voice subconsciously. I spend more time listening to alternative music.


GMA: I applaud you as an artist! How can people connect with you on social media and hear your music?

OYABUN: My social media is @whoisoyabun. My Souncloud is – Website:, and I’m on all streaming platforms as “Oyabun”



Rapper @CashDaGod Drops New Heat, "Intro"


Minneapolis' very own record artist, Cash Da God, now residing in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, drops off his newest release and official 'Intro' to his upcoming mixtape, Terms & Conditions.

Cash Da God has been releasing nothing but quality music and it keeps getting better and better with this new project. 

Check it out below and make sure to check out more music on the way from Cash Da God.

Connect with Cash Da God: 




@FengXhui Releases New Heat "Bow To The Sensei"

Queens native Sensei Feng Xhui, drops his new highly anticipated project, Bow To The Sensei.

The project as a whole was produced by Blizz Productions of the Covenant Government Camp, and features fellow upcoming artists, Tony2uSquares along with Will Wittz.

Sensei Feng Xhui's new project, Bow To The Sensei, is blowing up the airwaves and is an undoubtably dope collective of creative outlets from every angle. 

The project is exclusively available on Spinrilla.

Download, Bow To The Sensei, below and make sure you check out more music from Sensei Feng Xhui on his SoundCloud.

Mixtape Submission: Sensei Feng Xhui - "Bow To The Sensei"





@Skeme + @LyleLeDuff Talk New Music, Albums, and Dating In The Industry

Georgia Media Agency had the absolute pleasure of sitting down for an exclusive interview with Recording artist and Generation Now Signee, Skeme by way of Los Angeles, CA and Producer, Lyle LeDuff from New Orleans, LA. These two multi-talented, multifaceted creatives met in a studio session and from then became great friends and brothers.

The introduction of the interview began with a Public Service Announcement from Don Cannon who states "If you don't sin, [then] Jesus died for nothing." We'll just let your brain ponder on that thought for now.

For more insides and interesting facts about Skeme and Lyle LeDuff, check out the full and intense interview below!

Connect on social media:

Instagram: @lyleleduff || @skemeingleworld

Twitter: @lyleleduff || @skeme

Full Interview below