For starters, Happy New Year! 2017 is sure to be a great year for music and new opportunities.

This nomination campaign has allowed Georgia Media Agency to find out about new talent within the city and also gave us an opportunity to hear from the fans to know why their favorite local artist is their favorite.

[Disclaimer] No matter who made the list, let’s all set the bar higher this year for great, quality music, growing and enhancing a solid fan base, and expounding on each of our brands.

As you may or may not know, the #1 pick will receive a professional photoshoot with UNLIMITED photos sponsored by Queenz Collectionz and Georgia Media Agency as well as a promotional promotional video of their choice.

All ten artists will receive social media promotion for the ENTIRE month of January at no charge along and the official title as Georgia Media’s Top Ten Artist of 2017.

Introducing Georgia Media Agency’s 2017 Top Ten Artists of Savannah:

1. Ethan Jeremiah

2. Floyd Adams

3. Ajaye

4. General Jay

5. Young Ross

6. Mack $tyles

7. Finura

8. 283

9. Cool Ass Asian

10. Claydoe

Congratulations to all of these artists! If you've been selected, please email us so we can have your information on file: - Subject Line: "Top Ten Artist Finalist"

*** Make sure you come out to our Artist Showcase Pop Up Show Thursday, January 5th at The Life Center [4011 Augusta Road Garden City, GA] to see a few of our Top Ten Artists perform live. Doors open at 8, Show starts at 9. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more information! ***


Ethan Jeremiah: "From beginning to end his songs do not disappoint."

Floyd Adams: "They are creative and different than any other artist. Their visuals capture you and take you to another world. I hope to work with them soon!!"

Ajaye: "I feel like every song he writes holds a deep message..he has skills no other artist has in savanna he is unique. It's not all about the hype it's the message he tries to send threw his music."

General Jay: "Top artist in the city."

Young Ross: "My homie has been waiting his time working on his craft. He has taken and acknowledged the criticism and positive feedback to appropriately fine tune the craft he loves. It's lil bruh's time to shine!"

Mack $tyles: "Mack $tyles is a prime representation of the south side of Savannah, GA. His unique sound, smooth flow, and execution on each track is why he deserves to be apart of this year's Top 10."

Finura: "He speak on real issues. His mind set is so unique he's what the game been missing. He' s not like the other Young rappers out today, his rhymes speak to the mind, heart, body, and soul. I hope wins I can't wait til' the word see's him like I do."

283: "This group deserves to be apart of the top ten artist because they're grind is relentless and their music resonates with the young hip hop culture that's taking over the airwaves today!"

Cool Ass Asian: "He's got the perfect sound and fits the description."

Claydoe: "He does so much for the city. His music is amazing."

If Georgia Doll could vote, who would be her Top 10?

My Top Ten Picks would be:

1. Claydoe

2. Floyd Adams

3. CEC

4. Quanna MC

5. Ajaye

6. Clay James

7. Ethan Jeremiah

8. 283

9. Kaydee

10. Mack Styles