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Aspen Martin is surely a name you should get well acquainted with. The newly signed artist of Tryforty is taking the airwaves by storm with his hit single "End of Discussion" which debuted on E93 Radio, Savannah's Hip-Hop and R&B Leader, and from there, the record has been going nationwide.

With years of experience in music, this Savannah native is truly a triple threat as he sings, raps, and is a self-proclaimed songwriter. "I do everything in between" is what Aspen likes to say when describing his music and what he does as an artist.

Aspen is a definite versatile artist with songs like "Get It" where he raps and sings on the upbeat track. That song alone has over 660,000 streams on Soundcloud and over 270,000 streams on music platform Spotify which is from his Relapse project that did exceptionally well. Now fast forwarding to 2017, Aspen has a new visual for his latest song "End of Discussion" and this video has been highly anticipated. Do us at Georgia Media Agency a favor and check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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