Note$ Releases Blazin' New Visual, "What's Next"

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Rising artist Note$ recently released his latest visual for "What's Next", off his upcoming mixtape titled "Real Rich." Check it out below and let us know your take on the visual and overall song which was produced by the talented IamBK.

About Note$:

Raw and versatile describe the lyrical styles of Note$. Born September 13, 1988, Note$ is the latest phenomenon to come out of New Orleans, Louisiana! Raised in the 7thward of New Orleans, Note$ was inspired by Baby and Slim of Cash Money Records, who he grew up under since the age of 3. Naturally, he had a love for music & lifestyle, but as he got older, he would soon find out that the love was deeper than he had realized. He had a passion for it! After starting his record label in 2017 called Real Rich Records™️, Note$ dropped two mixtapes titled "More Real Than Rich" & "The Black Tape", which garnered over 100k views online, and is set to drop his latest project "Real Rich" which is set to release soon after the release of his visual "What's Next". 

"Real is rich" -Note$

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(Video) "Money Making Mitch" - Prestigious

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Cleveland, Ohio recording artist, Prestigious, drops off his new duo of releases with the new single, accompanied by the official visual, "Money Making Mitch." 

Inspired by the hip-hop culture classic, Paid In Full, Prestigious puts his own new school feel in the official new visual which visualizes the come up, pitfalls, and success that the life of a hustler comes with.

Prestigious flows over the beat with ease as he provides effortless punchlines. The music video is also the perfect way to pay homage to the classic movie Paid In Full and to the culture while bringing something new to the table. 

Watch the official video for, "Money Making Mitch," below and check out more music from Prestigious on SoundCloud

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New Music: "Another Day" - Jo$e Rivera

Atlanta's own, Jo$e Rivera, blesses us as he shares his newest release, "Another Day."

This time he recruits rap veteran, Curtis Williams, and TC Hitz for the cut as he prepares us for his forthcoming project – Becoming Legendary II (Dreams Never Die) which features Mickey Factz, Creole Devine, and more.

While you wait for the soon-to-be-released project, listen to "Another Day" and more from Jo$e Rivera below.

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Damar Jackson drops off hot new visual for 'Everything' track


Check out Damar Jackson's latest visual for "Everything", off his new album “Unfaithful Deluxe“, which features Gucci Mane, NBA Youngboy, Moneybagg Yo, Kash Doll, and Yo Gotti. Also, make sure to check him out on tour now with YFN Lucci in a city near you.

“‘Everything’ is a song about a certain person that was rocking wit’ me while I was going through a real toxic relationship. Everything I couldn’t talk to my girl about, I could talk to this other girl about. We ended up being close but my loyalty was still to my girl. So I never told anybody about this one special girl that was there for me,” Damar explains. “The passion in this song shows how much you can connect with somebody but still love someone else.”

The video, however, begins with a scene that many people of color can say they have dealt with, blatant racism in an establishment that goes unchecked in full. “This video takes you through real life situations in Louisiana. How racism is still alive and how we deal with violence within our own communities,” says D.J.

Having the two dueling themes of love and race issues visually clash makes for a mix of emotions when you watch “Everything.” The director, Cinemadona, works the angles just right to get the story across on screen. Yet, that love triangle still tugs at your core when you hear the pain in Damar’s main girl’s voice. “We don’t have many resources, so we love real hard and take loyalty very serious. 

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RETRO Delivers The Dance Moves In New Visual, "Money Code Talk"

Money Code Talk.png

The talented, rising artist RETRO's latest visual for his new single, "Money Code Talk" is out now! This single comes from his highly anticipated project, nine1 Deluxe, which recently dropped and has gained lots of traction and support. He is letting the fans know that Hip-Hop as a whole is deeper than just pressing “record." Check out the visual below and let us know your thoughts on the dance moves!

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Ron Shirley II Releases Dope New Visual To "Show Me"

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As Summer approaches and creeps up on us, it's also the time to let loose. In that regard, Ron Shirley II has just released the second single off his soon to be released album, 'About A Boy.' The track "Show Me" is a song produced by the hands of Channel Tres who is a talented upcoming artist/producer. Ron Shirley II's electric vocals over the funky and swanky beat will definitely make you want to move and dance, for sure.

Check out the video below and let us know here at Georgia Media Agency your take on the visual!

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Just Josh Weighs In On His New Music and Explains His Alter Ego 'KiDd' and 'Just Josh'

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Georgia Media Agency's founder, Georgia Doll, recently sat with Savannah, GA recording artist  Just Josh to discuss his all-new project with Producer JV On The Beat and all of his latest quality visuals. Popularly known as "KiDd" or "KiDd N'Kredible" due to his kid-like spirit and outgoing personality, he explains the alter ego of "KiDd" and his stage name "Just Josh." Just Josh is the side most people don't get to see. Now, Just Josh is going full-throttle to showcase his brand to the masses as he unravels the true meaning of his artistry and who Just Josh truly is.

“Lame AF” is out now! Check it out and let us know how you feel about the project.

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Rap Group 283 Give Fans The "Juice" In New Visual

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283's track, "Juice" has the streets buzzing with their Deejah Diamonds directed visual which was shot by Top Shotta Malik. When you have the juice, attention comes along with it, of course. However, in the music video, the brothers are being kidnapped by not-so-typical gangsters and are held for ransom. The action-filled video and song is 283's first track from their first EP "We're Brothers." 

Although the duo is on their third EP, "2he L8st 3oys," the track is still a fan-favorite and highly requested video. 283 is all about giving the people what they want and they won't stop creating experiences through their music, visuals, and lifestyle.

Connect with the brothers, 283, @twoatethree [@MODtheBear x @2ate3dee]



912 Made Line Talks New Merch, Music, and Upcoming Community Events for Savannah, GA


Apparel line 912 Made is a local clothing company based in Savannah, GA and has been working hard to become and remain a household name.

Owners Charles and Gee recently sat down with Georgia Media Agency and discussed their latest success, new arrivals, and future events and ideas for the local community of Savannah, GA. With their previous community-wide All-Star Basketball Game, 912 Made showed the city a new side of merging local businesses, sports, music, and more all under one roof.

To learn more about 912 Made and their upcoming events, watch our full interview below and follow them on Instagram, @912Made.



Armas Lashane Weighs In On Upcoming Project, "The Process" In Exclusive Interview

Photo courtesy of @C_Bell_8 // L to R: Armas Lashane + Jaya, The Sensei

Photo courtesy of @C_Bell_8 // L to R: Armas Lashane + Jaya, The Sensei

Armas Lashane. A recording artist by way of Mobile, Alabama recently spoke with Georgia Media Agency's media correspondent Jaya, The Sensei to discuss his latest music and upcoming project titled "The Process" which releases in May. As he gears up for the premiere, Armas is excited to allow listeners and supporters all that he's been working on and creating.

Amongst other things, Armas Lashane weighed in on who he'd love to work with and soak up knowledge from such as Snoop Dogg and underground artist Starlito. With a personable aura and quality music, we're certain Armas Lashane is headed in the right direction with his music and overall artistry.

Be sure to check out the full interview below and connect with Armas Lashane online!

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Jo E Rico Weighs in on his musical background + Upcoming 'Dragon Tales' project


Jo E Rico. The Savannah, Georgia recording artist comes from a long line of music and singing and has made a conscious decision to turn his passion for music into his career path. We got the opportunity to sit and talk with Jo E Rico as he weighed in on his music and soon-to-be-released project titled ”Dragon Tales."

Watch our full interview below with Jo E Rico and connect with him on social media @joe97rico



Interview: TwoFace Drops Off All-New "12 AM" Project

TwoFace Thumbnail.jpg

Check out our latest interview with Savannah recording artist TwoFace. As TwoFace promotes and celebrates the release of his latest project, “12 AM,” we were able to find out more about his artistry, creative process, and overall story coming from nothing and building his brand through hard work and gaining lasting relationships.

Check out our full interview with TwoFace below! Connect on social media: @whoistwoface



283 Makes Moves with New Music, Listening Parties, and SXSW Performances


283 recently released their latest project, '2he L8st 3oys', which showcases the elevation of the duo’s music and sound. One thing about these brothers, they remember where they come from and always keeps their day ones at the center of all that they do.

To celebrate the new tape, the brothers curated two listening parties: one in Savannah with sounds by DJ KiDd which was a one-of-a-kind silent listening party that allowed each attendee to embark on a creative experience. The next listening party was held in Atlanta, GA by the one and only TampaMystic. With industry tastemakers in the building, the event was one to remember as Mystics Ent. along with 283 made sure every attendee felt right at home while listening to each track that the duo worked hard on.

“The 283 listening party was a one of a kind experience. [It was] one that allowed you immerse yourself in the the minds and unique sound of 283.”Niko Makaveli (Recording artist)

Be sure to watch our exclusive interview with 283 and DJ MasterToby as they reflect on SXSW, the making of their newly released tape, and what’s to come for the rap duo.

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Stone Simpson Weighs in on his music + HooluhGang Movement

Stone Simpson + Georgia Doll, Founder of Georgia Media Agency

Stone Simpson + Georgia Doll, Founder of Georgia Media Agency

Stone Simpson simply can’t be placed into a box or compared to other artists. As Stone Simpson sat with Georgia Media Agency, we discovered the beginning of his musical endeavors and how he says he’s still channeling his sound and enhancing his artistry and delivery. As a Hip-Hop artist, people are typically out and on every scene, but not Stone Simpson. He’s the true definition of “Stack. Pray. Stay out of the way.”

Learn more about the recording artist by viewing our Pt. 1 interview below 

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Learn How Kreative Coaching Owners Gained Their Success In The Fashion Industry

Kreative Coaching Thumbmail.jpg

Georgia Media Agency was able to catch up with unique clothing line, Kreative Coaching, as the co-owners Tevin and Justin discussed the elevation of their apparel company and how the two work with one another to create fresh, new concepts and ideas for their one of a kind pieces from the material of the fabric to the marketing and promotion that goes behind pushing the clothing.

Kreative Coaching has gained lots of recognition. Most recently, the owners were featured as guest speakers at We Are The New Atlanta’s Break Bread Lunch and Learn event in February. They expounded on their experiences, obstacles, and success as young business owners in the fashion industry. Their brand has been showered with so much acknowledgment from supporters from all over. In fact, the owners missed a direct message (DM) from Diddy himself. They noticed Diddy watched their story post on Instagram and when they went to check out Diddy’s page, they saw an unread DM from him saying “Dope Brand.” Do you know how poppin’ you have to be to have Diddy DM you and you don’t even read it until a year later?

All in all, Kreative Coaching’s success doesn’t end there. The apparel line has been recognized by The Shade Room (TSR) as their “God’s Plan” piece was posted, showing love to one of Drake’s latest songs and movement.

You can bet your last dollar Kreative Coaching has new merch coming soon so don’t wait until the last minute to purchase quality pieces from the brand!

Connect with Kreative Coaching on Instagram, @kreativecoaching

Purchase merchandise here:

Check out our exclusive interview with Kreative Coaching below!



Relz debuts all-new track "Jane Doe" exclusively on Tidal

Jane Doe Cover.png

The East Coast Collective, Covenant Government's own, Relz, drops off a brand new release exclusively on Tidal called, "Jane Doe."

The Virginia Beach artist, drops bars about his ex who remains nameless and how she's dead to him, for sure – hence the titled of the track, "Jane Doe." But it doesn't stop there. In addition, the new release is part of the groups, Steamy Sunday's, series. 

At the moment, Relz is working on his own independent project with RocNation which is set to be released soon. You can also expect new heat on the Covenant Government's collective project, Annuit Coeptis, which drops in May. 

Until the new projects drop, check out Relz new single, "Jane Doe," below and let us know your take on the track.

Relz - "Jane Doe" [Tidal]

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Music: MSC Jay drops off remix to "Mah Dawg" ft. Moneybagg Yo


If you haven't heard MSC Jay's remix to his hit single "Mah Dawg" featuring MoneyBagg Yo, what are you waiting on? With his original version premiering on FADER, MSC Jay is back with another approach of the catchy and relatable track. 

Hailing from Saint Helena Island, which is a relatively small island, it didn’t take much for the well-known and multi-talented star athlete turned rapper to stand out. Making his dreams a reality, MSC Jay is next up with expertly constructed rhymes and verses and great appeal that will soon give him the mainstream attention he rightfully deserves.

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283 Drops Off Vlog Episode 7 | SXSW Edition


For the second year in a row, 283 killed two stages at SXSW. Again! On day one in Austin, TX, 283 featured on Schweinbeck’s #InDaStreets2Industry lineup at Peckerheads, performing their all-new single, “Liar Liar” and their well-known crowd banger, “W.A.$.E” (also known as “We Ain’t Savin’ ‘Em”) The dynamic duo and brothers Bear and Deagle shared the stage with the likes of Jose Guapo, YFN Kay, and Arsonal to name a few.

On day two, 283 performed on Bigga Rankin, Virdiko Global Music Promotion, and Hunter Promotions’ Ultimate Sound Stage at Tellers’ Sports Bar. There were features and performances from big acts such as Skooly, Ralo, Tokyo Jetz, and more. 283 made sure they brought the heat to each stage they stepped foot on, as expected. 

The vlog showcases the daily activities of 283 and their team as they traveled from Savannah, Georgia, and Atlanta, Georgia to invade Austin, Texas with their own sound and one-of-a-kind performances. Tour DJ Mastertoby, cameraman 283 Freddy, and beatmaker Queso all were in attendance to seize the city with promotional stickers stamped all over the city. 283 also just released their latest EP, “2he L8st 3oys”, and recently had a successful Silent Listening Party in Savannah, Georgia with sounds provided by DJ KiDd. The silent listening party was the first stop of the recently released EP’s promo run. Next stop: Atlanta, Georgia! 

Stay Tuned for more from 283!

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