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#TreySongz Latest Holiday Hit, "Comin' Home" Keeps Getting Bigger

Blogged by: Georgia Doll 

Trey Songz does it again with a melodic Christmas classic, "Comin' Home" made just in time for Christmas. The track has great production and it gives that exciting "traveling back home for the holidays" feeling. In the song, he speaks about a mystery woman in his life who he's yearning to see soon for the holidays. He explains lyrically how he'll be nothing without her and how he's coming home to the one he loves. "As soon as I walk through the door, baby all that I want is to see you with nothing but a ribbon on." I definitely see myself jamming this record year-round.

Check the song out for yourself and let us know what you think about Trey's latest Christmas track, made especially for the ladies.

Check out this track which is available everywhere!



#MusicReview: @ajaye_doe's Newest Project #FlavorsEP Out Now

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

Flavors! I can honestly say I love this EP by artist Ajaye who happens to be from a small city down by the river, Savannah, Georgia. Trust me when I say Ajaye took his time on this project, piecing together each song carefully. For starters, the first song on the tape which is "Reflections" is a song I'm most familiar with. Ajaye performed this song at #TheArtistShowcase in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia hosted by the hottest agency around, Georgia Media Agency.

Reflections speaks on how Ajaye takes nothing for granted while speaking on the importance of getting things on his own and working hard for everything he has. The smooth beat and flow allows you to hear his delivery perfectly and not get too caught up in the beat itself. "Demand respect from 'em allis a quote from the song that I definitely relate to as Ajaye paints a picture of demanding respect, visions of his family, and the daily struggles of his friends and loved ones. He also speaks on how he lives his life by the minute, but reflects by the second. By far, Reflections is already placed on repeat in my music album.  

City Lights is definitely a song I can listen to anytime of the day. From the beat to the words, I enjoyed every part of this song. [Disclaimer] This is a song for the grown and sexy, if you will. My brother Young Cec is also featured on the song which made me even more eager to listen to the song. This collaboration was dope and both Ajaye and Cec made an anthem out of this song, showing love to their city, Savannah, Georgia. Ajaye reflects on his daily life, making money, and of course shows love to Middleground [Southside]. "You know I will when yo' n.gga might" just goes to show you Ajaye has clearly been involved with someone who wasn't so faithful to their partner, to say the least. [that was a joke, so laugh]. Overall, the track is a smooth, laid-back, yet turnt, joint that you'd catch yourself bobbing your head to without even noticing. Great work, Ajaye!

The Game is the third track on the project and it is a little more up to speed and was sampled from the song "Grind'n" by Dom Kennedy (who happens to be my bae). This song displays more of a "Girl just vibe while I do my thing" type of song and message. "I ain't got time for that baby, gotta keep my head in the game" and "Scary thoughts in my brain and not much love in my heart; Man n.ggas be doing the most and still can't play their own part." are probably my two favorite lines in the song because it resonates back to staying focused as well as 'talking the talk', but also 'walking the walk.'

Wild Rush - With this song, Ajaye slows it down just a little. This is surely a "smoke and drive" - or "smoke and vibe" joint. This song deals mainly with weed and women. The song is a feel-good track, telling a story about smoking Wild Rush Swishers that his boo thing brought for him as they hotbox. Ajaye speaks further on this mystery girl and how he feels about her, even speaks on possibly loving her. Towards the end of the song, Ajaye lets the song play out which is perfect for those listening just to hear a laid-back tune as they spark up. 

Cream is the final song on Ajaye's Flavors EP. The beat itself is clean and catches your attention. The soothing intro builds up as Ajaye lays down this track about counting money, not blessings. He speaks on going down the wrong path and paints a picture about how "Cash Rules Everything Around Me (CREAM)" He explains that money is the root of all evil which is corrupting our people. On a lyrical standpoint, Ajaye explains in "Cream" that 'Worst days always seem to bring about the best rhymes.' which gives listeners a glimpse of the preparation process of making the music that he makes. Ajaye also speaks on how he wants to give back to the streets which showcases he is a selfless artist versus being the complete opposite; selfish. This song was a great selection to close out the 5-track EP. 

Overall, Flavors is a favorite of mine and I'm sure it will become a favorite of yours as well. Feel free to check out each song below and stay updated with Ajaye by following him on Twitter and Instagram. 

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