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Georgia Media Agency was able to catch up with unique clothing line, Kreative Coaching, as the co-owners Tevin and Justin discussed the elevation of their apparel company and how the two work with one another to create fresh, new concepts and ideas for their one of a kind pieces from the material of the fabric to the marketing and promotion that goes behind pushing the clothing.

Kreative Coaching has gained lots of recognition. Most recently, the owners were featured as guest speakers at We Are The New Atlanta’s Break Bread Lunch and Learn event in February. They expounded on their experiences, obstacles, and success as young business owners in the fashion industry. Their brand has been showered with so much acknowledgment from supporters from all over. In fact, the owners missed a direct message (DM) from Diddy himself. They noticed Diddy watched their story post on Instagram and when they went to check out Diddy’s page, they saw an unread DM from him saying “Dope Brand.” Do you know how poppin’ you have to be to have Diddy DM you and you don’t even read it until a year later?

All in all, Kreative Coaching’s success doesn’t end there. The apparel line has been recognized by The Shade Room (TSR) as their “God’s Plan” piece was posted, showing love to one of Drake’s latest songs and movement.

You can bet your last dollar Kreative Coaching has new merch coming soon so don’t wait until the last minute to purchase quality pieces from the brand!

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