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283 and CEC weigh in on their all-new joint project ‘Super Pote Bros’


Savannah, GA (also known as Seaport or The Pote) rap duo 283 and solo artist Cec have joined forces once again with their soon to be released project titled ‘Super Pote Bros,’ which is directly inspired by video game Super Mario Bros. As 283 and Cec gear up to drop their all-new joint project, they will also have a release party in Savannah, GA to continue to the momentum of the mixtape.

We at Georgia Media Agency got a chance to catch up with 283 and Cec to learn more about the makings of ‘Super Pote Bros’ and the highly anticipated release party taking place Saturday, November 17th at BCKYRD in Savannah, GA (415 W Boundary Street). One thing we can expect for sure is a creative and out of the box experience when it comes to anything 283 and their creative director Deejah Diamonds is apart of. With Cec’s #FanClub conglomerate set to attend the event, we’re sure the event will be one for the books.

To learn more about 283 and Cec and their journey as recording artists, check out the full interview below. Be sure to stay connect with them as they release ‘Super Pote Bros.’

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Rap Group 283 Give Fans The "Juice" In New Visual

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 1.25.37 PM.png

283's track, "Juice" has the streets buzzing with their Deejah Diamonds directed visual which was shot by Top Shotta Malik. When you have the juice, attention comes along with it, of course. However, in the music video, the brothers are being kidnapped by not-so-typical gangsters and are held for ransom. The action-filled video and song is 283's first track from their first EP "We're Brothers." 

Although the duo is on their third EP, "2he L8st 3oys," the track is still a fan-favorite and highly requested video. 283 is all about giving the people what they want and they won't stop creating experiences through their music, visuals, and lifestyle.

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283 Makes Moves with New Music, Listening Parties, and SXSW Performances


283 recently released their latest project, '2he L8st 3oys', which showcases the elevation of the duo’s music and sound. One thing about these brothers, they remember where they come from and always keeps their day ones at the center of all that they do.

To celebrate the new tape, the brothers curated two listening parties: one in Savannah with sounds by DJ KiDd which was a one-of-a-kind silent listening party that allowed each attendee to embark on a creative experience. The next listening party was held in Atlanta, GA by the one and only TampaMystic. With industry tastemakers in the building, the event was one to remember as Mystics Ent. along with 283 made sure every attendee felt right at home while listening to each track that the duo worked hard on.

“The 283 listening party was a one of a kind experience. [It was] one that allowed you immerse yourself in the the minds and unique sound of 283.”Niko Makaveli (Recording artist)

Be sure to watch our exclusive interview with 283 and DJ MasterToby as they reflect on SXSW, the making of their newly released tape, and what’s to come for the rap duo.

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283 Drops All-New Vlog

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 8.57.31 PM.png

Bear and Deagle are back with another 283Vlog.

The duo is gearing up to release three music videos all directed by 283Freddy. For now, check out the latest Vlog where 283 appear performing at fashion shows, their pool party, and artist showcases.

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