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#NewMusic: DJ Khaled's "To The Max" ft. Drake

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

The Drake vocals are indeed in! We're sure you've been asking yourself when DJ Khaled would finally get those vocals in from the Toronto superstar, so in this case, this is a definite major bag alert.

The "To The Max" visual dropped at 6 am Monday morning with immense anticipation from fans and supporters from all over. Last time we checked, the video was trending at #13 on YouTube and had well over 1 Million views and streams within the first 12 hours of being uploaded. Now that's major (DJ Khaled voice)

"Now all of a sudden, people say we cousins
I keep hearin' all this "You my brother" talk, I can't relate to nothin'
My broski down to ride
Made a knot in the line
You can never break ties"

Be sure to pre-order link for DJ Khaled’s tenth studio album ‘Grateful’: