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@Skeme + @LyleLeDuff Talk New Music, Albums, and Dating In The Industry

Georgia Media Agency had the absolute pleasure of sitting down for an exclusive interview with Recording artist and Generation Now Signee, Skeme by way of Los Angeles, CA and Producer, Lyle LeDuff from New Orleans, LA. These two multi-talented, multifaceted creatives met in a studio session and from then became great friends and brothers.

The introduction of the interview began with a Public Service Announcement from Don Cannon who states "If you don't sin, [then] Jesus died for nothing." We'll just let your brain ponder on that thought for now.

For more insides and interesting facts about Skeme and Lyle LeDuff, check out the full and intense interview below!

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Instagram: @lyleleduff || @skemeingleworld

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Full Interview below



#Interview Singer LVI is a Force to Be Reckoned With @iamLvi

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

LVI (levee), which stands for Lyrically Very Intelligent, is a true force to be reckoned with. This singer, song-writer by way of Savannah, Georgia has a true and pure passion and talent for singing. It wasn't until her grandmother passed away in April 2012 that she tapped into singing. "I wake up everyday thinking about music; just ready to record." says 20-year old LVI during our exclusive interview which can be found below. LVI recently performed at #TheArtistShowcase which was held in Savannah, Georgia in late September. Her stage presence alone will truly catch your attention and keep it! It's surprising to know that LVI has only been recording music for one year. Her lyrical content and presence on each track is sure to have you singing her songs all day long like I did!

LVI has an EP dropping November 28th which is a special day for her; her father will finally return home from prison after serving 8 long years. This project drops right in time for the holidays as "Meanwhile the EP" is the title of the EP which showcases her thoughts, moments, and stories of others all placed in one project for her fans to hear.

LVI's Social Media:

Twitter: @iamlvi | Instagram: @viewlvi | YouTube: LviMusic | FaceBook: LyricallyVeryIntelligent/LviMusic

Check out our exclusive interview below: