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Find out what Owner of Hair Units by Jackie plans to do next with beauty business


Owner of the on the rise beauty and hair business, Jackie B., started creating quality units for sale back in 2013 while she was still in school at Savannah Technical College. “I wanted to bring something new to the city that was as popular at the time.”

With much success within being in business the past 5 years, Hair Units by Jackie has learned lots about their company, clients, and the secret to keeping a business throughout the challenges. The next steps for Hair Units by Jackie is to expand to hair care products and high quality hair to begin selling.

Hair Units by Jackie clientele consists of women from all age ranges and she’s had the opportunity to make units for model Miracle Watts and other socialites. Shipping international to Germany and Jamaica to name a few locations, the hair company is well on their way and continues to exceed all expectations.

Check out our exclusive interview below and learn more about the brand and girl boss and owner, Jackie!

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Celeb Hairstylist "Billions" Impacts Stylists with Educational Mansion Retreat

Photo courtesy of RoQ Photography  Written by:  @georgia_doll

Photo courtesy of RoQ Photography

Written by: @georgia_doll

Jazzmin "Billions" Wimberly is a beauty maven, celebrity hairstylist, and master educator. 

How did the idea come about to create your 360 Stylist Make Billions Mansion Retreat?

Most Cosmetologists receive their license and proceed to only using one of the many skills that we are taught and licensed under. With only mastering one of the many skills this does not allow us to perform at our full potential as a cosmetologist. Using only 5 to 10 percent of our capability begins to block our opportunity to become a successful beauty mogul. Knowing that we should all try reaching our full potential I have created a retreat and educational weekend that will teach each attendee different skills that are also held under our license and how using those skills to become the 360 stylist that makes billions.

How long have you been in the hair business as the industry continues to grow?

            I have been in the industry as a licensed cosmetologist for 6 years, but as a learning beauty entrepreneur for 9 years and growing. Each day I continue to push myself harder than the day before so that I’m not only growing as a person but also so that my brand continues to grow and evolve within this industry.

As an Entrepreneur, what keeps you going each day?

            Knowing that a lot of what I have accomplished over the years were once just dreams but now have come to pass, which only motives me to wake up each day and chase the impossible. Entrepreneurship has never been a walk in the park, but it has also never been one short of a learning process. It fuels my life. It keeps me eager and ready to harness my skills as well as my brand to be the best that it’s meant to be.

With so many women learning to style their own hair from DIY and tutorials videos, what keeps your business afloat and thriving?

DIY and tutorials have been around for a while now, I have a few of my own that can be found on my website ( as well as on YouTube. As these platforms can be helpful to some women who may not be able to receive our services in person, it has yet to affect my business in a negative way. We pride ourselves on offering an irreplaceable experience. Our experience caters to the relaxation of people as well as the uplifting of confidence through my gift.

Personality goes a long way and my clients are sure to return once they receive this amazing and uplifting experience we provide.

Connect with Billions on Instagram: @billions_pink