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Rising Atlanta Artists @RealErvMitchell & @OGDanMurray Take NYC By Storm for Major Label Meetings

300 Meeting.png

Rising Atlanta artists Ervin Mitchell and Dan Murray take their talents to New York City as they meet with some of the city's major music labels. 

The enigmatic rapper, Dan Murray, who is fresh off the success of his breakthrough hit, "Young Hot Thotties," has been in high demand ever since the song. In response, the Atlanta rising artist was recently invited to make a visit to 300 Entertainment's New York offices to discuss his career and artistry as it pertains to his future.

A day later, we recover videos from Dan's manager's Snapchat showing fellow artist, Ervin Mitchell, leaving Sony Headquarters. The ball definitely seems to be in Erv's court, so we anticipate nothing but great news coming forth from these meetings.

Both artists have been building impressive streaming numbers on platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud and retaining a solid fan base. There's no other direction but up from both artists!

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