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Super Bowl LI: The Falcons Demise - Greatest #SuperBowl Comeback ever

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Blogged by: Jaya Paci // Twitter and Instagram: @JayaTheSensei

Super Bowl LI (51) happened last night in Houston, Texas in the NRG stadium. The New England Patriots took on the Atlanta Falcons in a nail biting game. The Falcons had the lead in the first half of the game scoring 0 points in the first quarter, but 21 points in the second. The Patriots trailed behind scoring only 3 points within the first half of the game.

After the halftime show, The Patriots came back better than ever scoring 6 points in the third quarter and 19 in the fourth. Thus tying the game up 28-28 leading the game into overtime; the first in Super Bowl history. Tom Brady concluded the game with 466 passing yards and 2 touchdowns and Matt Ryan with 284 passing yards 2 touchdowns. 

The game ended in a score of 34-28 with The Patriots taking the W! Huge congratulations to The New England Patriots on becoming 2017's Super Bowl Champions.