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#NewVideo: Lil Bibby x Tink - "Gotta Have Some More"

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

Lil Bibby and Tink recently teamed together to release a steamy hot and sexy track and hold absolutely nothing back. Lil Bibby sets the tone for the track with his rather detailed explanation of his feelings towards his boo.

"Shawty so bad, I just want you to stay. I'm working on a tape, I'll fly you to the A. Know I need that when I'm in another state. Man, that shit a tease lookin' at yo face. I miss yo smell, I miss yo taste," Bibby rhymes.

Now, just know that Tink holds absolutely nothing back on the second verse. Tink's lyrics are often times used as catchy captions and we're sure this summer tune will be under a lot of ladies Instagram and Twitter pictures. We're already preparing our thirst trap pictures with the perfect caption. [all jokes]

"Four car garages, I put you in charge. And you love how I listen, Micheal and Pippin. Touchin' and kissin'. I bone at you, tell me you rolling. That's when I show up and do work. Scratchin' ya body, you know that you got me. We fuck til I tell you it hurts," Tink rhymes.

This fiery and oh-so tempting song is a sample of Pretty Ricky's "Love Like Honey".

Check out the video below.