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#TreySongz Latest Holiday Hit, "Comin' Home" Keeps Getting Bigger

Blogged by: Georgia Doll 

Trey Songz does it again with a melodic Christmas classic, "Comin' Home" made just in time for Christmas. The track has great production and it gives that exciting "traveling back home for the holidays" feeling. In the song, he speaks about a mystery woman in his life who he's yearning to see soon for the holidays. He explains lyrically how he'll be nothing without her and how he's coming home to the one he loves. "As soon as I walk through the door, baby all that I want is to see you with nothing but a ribbon on." I definitely see myself jamming this record year-round.

Check the song out for yourself and let us know what you think about Trey's latest Christmas track, made especially for the ladies.

Check out this track which is available everywhere!