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Artist Unveils Blacc Cuzz "On God" Visual

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Blacc Cuzz is back with a newly released visual for his single "On God," which has garnered lots of support as it premiered on HipHopDX. “On God” showcases the life of Blacc Cuzz and his take on life and all that comes his way.

"My song ‘On God’ represents me,” he says of the record. “It’s a song that displays how my character was built, where I’m from, the obstacles that I overcame, and the obstacles that I’m still trying to overcome. It’s just me. It’s my life!”

Check out the visual below and let us know your thoughts!

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Be your own machine: From making the music to getting the spins, Lil Dab does it all

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Qua, also known as Dab, is all for getting his music to the masses. With his immaculate networking skills and ability to get his songs to the clubs, DJs, and influencers all around, he's sure to gain more and more recognition of his music as his efforts don't go unnoticed. It's evident that with all the music that we get from all over the world it seems to always come right back home to Atlanta, Georgia. 

To hear more of Dab's flow, stream the full song below and connect with the Jonesboro Road North Native.

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(Video) "Money Making Mitch" - Prestigious

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Cleveland, Ohio recording artist, Prestigious, drops off his new duo of releases with the new single, accompanied by the official visual, "Money Making Mitch." 

Inspired by the hip-hop culture classic, Paid In Full, Prestigious puts his own new school feel in the official new visual which visualizes the come up, pitfalls, and success that the life of a hustler comes with.

Prestigious flows over the beat with ease as he provides effortless punchlines. The music video is also the perfect way to pay homage to the classic movie Paid In Full and to the culture while bringing something new to the table. 

Watch the official video for, "Money Making Mitch," below and check out more music from Prestigious on SoundCloud

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Relz debuts all-new track "Jane Doe" exclusively on Tidal

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The East Coast Collective, Covenant Government's own, Relz, drops off a brand new release exclusively on Tidal called, "Jane Doe."

The Virginia Beach artist, drops bars about his ex who remains nameless and how she's dead to him, for sure – hence the titled of the track, "Jane Doe." But it doesn't stop there. In addition, the new release is part of the groups, Steamy Sunday's, series. 

At the moment, Relz is working on his own independent project with RocNation which is set to be released soon. You can also expect new heat on the Covenant Government's collective project, Annuit Coeptis, which drops in May. 

Until the new projects drop, check out Relz new single, "Jane Doe," below and let us know your take on the track.

Relz - "Jane Doe" [Tidal]

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283 Drops All-New Vlog

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Bear and Deagle are back with another 283Vlog.

The duo is gearing up to release three music videos all directed by 283Freddy. For now, check out the latest Vlog where 283 appear performing at fashion shows, their pool party, and artist showcases.

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#TreySongz Latest Holiday Hit, "Comin' Home" Keeps Getting Bigger

Blogged by: Georgia Doll 

Trey Songz does it again with a melodic Christmas classic, "Comin' Home" made just in time for Christmas. The track has great production and it gives that exciting "traveling back home for the holidays" feeling. In the song, he speaks about a mystery woman in his life who he's yearning to see soon for the holidays. He explains lyrically how he'll be nothing without her and how he's coming home to the one he loves. "As soon as I walk through the door, baby all that I want is to see you with nothing but a ribbon on." I definitely see myself jamming this record year-round.

Check the song out for yourself and let us know what you think about Trey's latest Christmas track, made especially for the ladies.

Check out this track which is available everywhere!



[Mixtape] @ajaye_doe Presents #OSHS: Only Setting Higher Standards

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

The wait is over and #OSHS is here! Savannah, GA rapper Ajaye puts a spin on the original meaning of OSHS and symbolizes it as Only Setting Higher Standards, which is the title of his newly released mixtape. This 5 track mixtape features artists such as RjBellaTerra and Claydoe. You are sure to vibe and relate to each song.

There is no coincidence that OSHS drops today, July 1st. Today marks the first day of the second half of the year, so set high standards for yourself as you listen to the one of a kind wordplay and delivery Ajaye presents on each track.

Check out the mixtape below 

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