Young Cue is a recording artist from Savannah, GA who has been making music for neatly 4 years. With a way of drawing the attention of each crowd he’s placed in front of, Young Cue is hands-down an entertainer on the rise. We recently sat with Young Cue to catch up, learn more about his latest ventures, and hear about his upcoming project which is soon to be released, titled “Busy Doing Nothing.”

As we discussed music, we also had to ask about his personal life and how he balances the two. Finances and remaining stable was definitely a topic we touched bases on. As a creative, whether you’re an Artist of any sort, Musician, Journalist, Publicist, or whatever your title may be, it’s also important to maintain a certain level of financial stability because without it, you’re not in a great headspace to create!

Enough babbling for now, click the YouTube video below to watch our full interview with Young Cue.

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