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Interview: Savannah's very own 204 Turbo

Up and coming recording artist 204 Turbo by way of Savannah GA recently sat with us to discuss his journey as a new artist and all his goals for 2019. From remaining humble and supporting others, to showcasing his talent, 204 Turbo continues to gain new fans and supporters.

Check out the full interview below and stay connected with @204_turbo



283 and CEC weigh in on their all-new joint project ‘Super Pote Bros’


Savannah, GA (also known as Seaport or The Pote) rap duo 283 and solo artist Cec have joined forces once again with their soon to be released project titled ‘Super Pote Bros,’ which is directly inspired by video game Super Mario Bros. As 283 and Cec gear up to drop their all-new joint project, they will also have a release party in Savannah, GA to continue to the momentum of the mixtape.

We at Georgia Media Agency got a chance to catch up with 283 and Cec to learn more about the makings of ‘Super Pote Bros’ and the highly anticipated release party taking place Saturday, November 17th at BCKYRD in Savannah, GA (415 W Boundary Street). One thing we can expect for sure is a creative and out of the box experience when it comes to anything 283 and their creative director Deejah Diamonds is apart of. With Cec’s #FanClub conglomerate set to attend the event, we’re sure the event will be one for the books.

To learn more about 283 and Cec and their journey as recording artists, check out the full interview below. Be sure to stay connect with them as they release ‘Super Pote Bros.’

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Donellia Chives, Owner of Ngome Lifestyle, takes fashion and culture up a notch

Mother. Curator. Fashionista. Queen.


Georgia Media Agency got on the road to take a satisfying road trip to Beaufort, SC to learn more about Donellia Chives who is the owner of Ngome Lifestyle, a chic, yet cultural brand that is all about empowerment, lineage, fashion, and honor. Donellia is a native of South Carolina and takes pride in being from a state filled with African history, admiration, and culture. Along with two other likeminded individuals in 2002, Donellia and her counterparts developed the name ‘Ngome’ and as time progressed, Donellia requested to keep the name which she deemed the initials to stand for: Natural Goddess (or God) of Mother Earth. To Donellia’s surprise, the term ‘Ngome’  is an actual shrine in Africa.

During our interview, we got a chance to dive into the exciting news of The Ngome Afropolitan Boutique, which is Donellia’s latest business venture and storefront. The boutique is a space and hub for apparel, fashion and an event space for customers and visitors to feel welcomed and experience the global Africanism we all celebrate to this day. You can expect to find accessories, adornments, wellness and skincare items, monthly WrapQueen boxes, and most importantly, fashion apparel and clothing.

Here’s 3 gems we heard from Donellia in our interview 

  • Adornment: It’s the highest form of expression; dress yourself around one piece that makes you sincerely happy.

  • Hair wraps: They aren’t meant to be worn only for ‘bad hair days’  — Thy crown is thy superpower. Wear that wrap proudly.

  • History: Tignon laws prohibited black women from wearing their hair visible. Women then wore various styles and colors of head wraps to show self expression and the legacy lives on today.

Check out the full interview below!



King Bogus, The Monarch Drops Gems in Exclusive Interview


King Bogus, The Monarch, also known as Shifht Bogus from the local rap group Floyd Adams, is back with a vengeance. His artistry and appearance doesn’t go unnoticed with his spiffy attire, clear vernacular, and ultimate demand of attention and respect in every setting.

We caught up with King Bogus, The Monarch to hear more about his upcoming EP Series, titled The Return of The King EPs: Heavy is the Head and Hopeless Romantic. As a Savannah, Georgia native, King Bogus gave a lot of insight on his music and the latest music coming out of the Port City. So many gems were released in this interview. From his viewpoint on the state of Hip-Hop in Savannah, to his advice to local artists and their mindset, and everything in between, King Bogus took it there.

View the full interview below and learn more about King Bogus, The Monarch. [#BogusDaze]

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Find out what Owner of Hair Units by Jackie plans to do next with beauty business


Owner of the on the rise beauty and hair business, Jackie B., started creating quality units for sale back in 2013 while she was still in school at Savannah Technical College. “I wanted to bring something new to the city that was as popular at the time.”

With much success within being in business the past 5 years, Hair Units by Jackie has learned lots about their company, clients, and the secret to keeping a business throughout the challenges. The next steps for Hair Units by Jackie is to expand to hair care products and high quality hair to begin selling.

Hair Units by Jackie clientele consists of women from all age ranges and she’s had the opportunity to make units for model Miracle Watts and other socialites. Shipping international to Germany and Jamaica to name a few locations, the hair company is well on their way and continues to exceed all expectations.

Check out our exclusive interview below and learn more about the brand and girl boss and owner, Jackie!

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Lady Raw sits with Georgia Media to share her musical plans as upcoming artist


Savannah, GA recording artist Lady Raw shared the excitement of her upcoming music and mixtape with spokesperson Georgia Doll and Georgia Media Agency as she prepares to release this summer and the success rate she's gained thus far as an up and coming rapper.

Lady Raw speaks on one of her most popular songs, “Spit Fire” which was inspired by Luniz's 'I Got 5 on It" classic track. The song is a super, catchy and trendy track that her supporters love. With features on her initial debut project with well known local artists like Clay Hodges (formerly known as Claydoe) and Yung Damon, Lady Raw has made a bond with elite artists in the local game and plans to elevate and gained far more lasting relationships.

Check out the interview below and learn more about Lady Raw and her artistry.

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Just Josh Weighs In On His New Music and Explains His Alter Ego 'KiDd' and 'Just Josh'

Just Josh.jpg

Georgia Media Agency's founder, Georgia Doll, recently sat with Savannah, GA recording artist  Just Josh to discuss his all-new project with Producer JV On The Beat and all of his latest quality visuals. Popularly known as "KiDd" or "KiDd N'Kredible" due to his kid-like spirit and outgoing personality, he explains the alter ego of "KiDd" and his stage name "Just Josh." Just Josh is the side most people don't get to see. Now, Just Josh is going full-throttle to showcase his brand to the masses as he unravels the true meaning of his artistry and who Just Josh truly is.

“Lame AF” is out now! Check it out and let us know how you feel about the project.

Connect with Just Josh on social media, @justjoshboy



912 Made Line Talks New Merch, Music, and Upcoming Community Events for Savannah, GA


Apparel line 912 Made is a local clothing company based in Savannah, GA and has been working hard to become and remain a household name.

Owners Charles and Gee recently sat down with Georgia Media Agency and discussed their latest success, new arrivals, and future events and ideas for the local community of Savannah, GA. With their previous community-wide All-Star Basketball Game, 912 Made showed the city a new side of merging local businesses, sports, music, and more all under one roof.

To learn more about 912 Made and their upcoming events, watch our full interview below and follow them on Instagram, @912Made.



Armas Lashane Weighs In On Upcoming Project, "The Process" In Exclusive Interview

Photo courtesy of @C_Bell_8 // L to R: Armas Lashane + Jaya, The Sensei

Photo courtesy of @C_Bell_8 // L to R: Armas Lashane + Jaya, The Sensei

Armas Lashane. A recording artist by way of Mobile, Alabama recently spoke with Georgia Media Agency's media correspondent Jaya, The Sensei to discuss his latest music and upcoming project titled "The Process" which releases in May. As he gears up for the premiere, Armas is excited to allow listeners and supporters all that he's been working on and creating.

Amongst other things, Armas Lashane weighed in on who he'd love to work with and soak up knowledge from such as Snoop Dogg and underground artist Starlito. With a personable aura and quality music, we're certain Armas Lashane is headed in the right direction with his music and overall artistry.

Be sure to check out the full interview below and connect with Armas Lashane online!

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Jo E Rico Weighs in on his musical background + Upcoming 'Dragon Tales' project


Jo E Rico. The Savannah, Georgia recording artist comes from a long line of music and singing and has made a conscious decision to turn his passion for music into his career path. We got the opportunity to sit and talk with Jo E Rico as he weighed in on his music and soon-to-be-released project titled ”Dragon Tales."

Watch our full interview below with Jo E Rico and connect with him on social media @joe97rico



Interview: TwoFace Drops Off All-New "12 AM" Project

TwoFace Thumbnail.jpg

Check out our latest interview with Savannah recording artist TwoFace. As TwoFace promotes and celebrates the release of his latest project, “12 AM,” we were able to find out more about his artistry, creative process, and overall story coming from nothing and building his brand through hard work and gaining lasting relationships.

Check out our full interview with TwoFace below! Connect on social media: @whoistwoface



Getting to know The DMV conglomerate @The_Thr33_


Photo courtesy of Georgia Media Agency

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

The Thr33. A talented group of artists Deemo and JahLike and Nabu, producer, by way of Silver Spring, MD traveled to ATL for a promo run and graced Georgia Media Agency with their presence and down to earth vibes. During the interview, the group discussed their solo contributions as artists and producers along with their close knit bond as a family and unit as they work together to see each project through.

With new music on the way, The Thr33 described their music, artistry, and goals for the future. The Thr33's JahLike explained how much of a household name they strive to be. "We want to attack all aspects of entertainment. We want to get our hands in everything" - JahLike

The interview was held at Means Street Studios and the group had the great privilege to play a couple of their tracks of unreleased music in Lil Uzi's official recording studio.

Connect: @The_Thr33 | @JahLike301 | @NabuX2_ | @daddy_dontplay

Check out the part one interview below and check back for part two dropping soon!



Interview: @whoisoyabun's Newly Released EP "NVRLND"

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 4.37.31 PM.png


GMA: Hey, it’s Georgia Doll with and I have the pleasure of interviewing recording artist Oyabun. So, Oyabun, you were born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Have you always lived in Brooklyn?

OYABUN: I was living in Miami for like 5 years and just relocated in January back to Brooklyn. I got accepted into school down in Miami and there was also Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn and our house was destroyed. I moved and not too long after my parents moved down to Miami as well.


GMA: What was the creative process behind of “Castle on The Hill?”

OYABUN: The song was initially produced by 6Twelve, who is like my main producer. [Usually, production that I have is between 4 different people] The vibe of the beat was kind of like the beginning of the song was. It was written kind of like a prayer, and then I got into kind of like wanting to switch up the mood with a tempo change. You hear the song’s tempo speed up. We took the song from that point and give people a whole new song.


GMA: I like “Cobain” as well. Talk a little about the make of that song as well.

OYABUN: “Cobain” was from a different project I was working on, but we ended up going in a different direction after I cut the "Castle on The Hill" record, but we didn’t want to not use the song. We made it the single; it’s just one of my favorite songs. I feel like the song was able to show people who OYABUN really was.

When I was in Vegas a couple months back [I hate Vegas, by the way], I stayed in my hotel room for three days watching music documentaries because I’m not into gambling and whatnot. I saw this one documentary on Kurt Cobain. I was able to capture this rock star feel.


GMA: "Cobain" just premiered on BET JAMZ in mid-June. How was that experience when you saw it on your own TV Screen?

OYABUN: It was honestly amazing. You know, you do something for a long time and you have these end goals. It was just dope because I feel like every artist wants to be on TV and reach these goals. It’s still surreal to me; I honestly still haven’t even really, fully digested it, actually. My whole team and family was able to be a part of it, which was also dope. We all were able to see that “Damn, this can really happen!” My mom sent me like 40 screenshots of the video and it was just a great moment for me.


GMA: What’s your newest project all about?

OYABUN: I just released my newest Extended Project [EP] titled “NVRLND.” The reason why I dropped it yesterday is because it’s so symbolic with the Solar Eclipse and the perfect time. My last project was titled “Mercury Retrograde”, so that was the vibe we were trying to go for. This project is also a art of the series of EPs I’m putting out.



GMA: Reflect on your music and its’ transition and progression: Then vs. Now.

OYABUN: When I would write songs initially, it was more poem-based and spoken word, more like the traditional “Boom-Bap” style. I felt like the music was more routine.

Now, I’ve lived life more, so I have a bigger aspect on my music. It’s not just from Brooklyn, it’s based off my transitions in life and where I’ve been.


GMA: So, you mentioned you’ve traveled a lot and it’s helped you make more music. Where else have you traveled?

OYABUN: Fortunately, my parents always wanted me to see different places and environments. We would go to Jamaica, where my pops is from and The Dominican Republic. Just to see different places and what’s out there. So, when I got older and I was presented an opportunity, I would take it and travel.  You get a chance to connect with so many different people.


GMA: Talk a little about your experience in Utah for four days, shooting the “Cobain” music video.

OYABUN: The visual we shot encompassed both songs. The videos are going to be released separately. Essentially, it was just amazing because the “NVRLND” project – The sound of it takes you to another world. I feel like Urban city environments give off a different vibe. So, we went to Utah to bend reality. It looks like we went to four different countries all in one. There was a desert and I’ve never experienced that. It was just different. I did it to create visuals for my art.


GMA: What’s next for your music and artistry?

OYABUN: I want to begin doing as many shows as I can. Even in other cities. I would like to open up for a headlining act and going on the road and riding out with them through a couple cities. This project is a gate opening of a race that I don’t feel that I’ll stop running anytime soon. I just want to keep pushing forward.


GMA: What else can we expect from the producers you work with or artist collaborations?

OYABUN: If I come into contact with someone I feel like we should collab, it has to happen organically. I would prefer it that way. My productions are really what I consider a collab. Multiple producers adding to the song and it feels like a band almost.


GMA: What music do you listen to that inspires and motivates your creativity?

OYABUN: It ranges. A lot of music that I’ve been gravitating towards as of lately is also blended genres. I listen to Old Kanye West, Cudi, The Weeknd’s album, things that are unconventional. These artists are changing what “Pop” is and changing the status quo. I also listen to rap, but I don’t want it to influence my music and voice subconsciously. I spend more time listening to alternative music.


GMA: I applaud you as an artist! How can people connect with you on social media and hear your music?

OYABUN: My social media is @whoisoyabun. My Souncloud is – Website:, and I’m on all streaming platforms as “Oyabun”



@Skeme + @LyleLeDuff Talk New Music, Albums, and Dating In The Industry

Georgia Media Agency had the absolute pleasure of sitting down for an exclusive interview with Recording artist and Generation Now Signee, Skeme by way of Los Angeles, CA and Producer, Lyle LeDuff from New Orleans, LA. These two multi-talented, multifaceted creatives met in a studio session and from then became great friends and brothers.

The introduction of the interview began with a Public Service Announcement from Don Cannon who states "If you don't sin, [then] Jesus died for nothing." We'll just let your brain ponder on that thought for now.

For more insides and interesting facts about Skeme and Lyle LeDuff, check out the full and intense interview below!

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Instagram: @lyleleduff || @skemeingleworld

Twitter: @lyleleduff || @skeme

Full Interview below



Yung Damon! Sits With #GeorgiaMediaAgency for an Exclusive Interview

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

Yung Damon! recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Georgia Media Agency's correspondent Georgia Doll and spoke on his new music including his latest mixtape titled "H2MFP" . The Savannah, GA native spoke on recent collaborations with artists like Nijha and Randy Rozay on one of his latest songs "Sauce".

As the conversation furthered, we got a chance to see who's music Yung Damon! has been paying attention to in the Savannah music scene. Be sure to check out what artists he mentioned by checking the video out below!

Connect with Yung Damon! (IG) @dalilhomie || (Twitter) @yungdamon

Check out the interview below. 



#Interview Singer LVI is a Force to Be Reckoned With @iamLvi

Blogged by: Georgia Doll

LVI (levee), which stands for Lyrically Very Intelligent, is a true force to be reckoned with. This singer, song-writer by way of Savannah, Georgia has a true and pure passion and talent for singing. It wasn't until her grandmother passed away in April 2012 that she tapped into singing. "I wake up everyday thinking about music; just ready to record." says 20-year old LVI during our exclusive interview which can be found below. LVI recently performed at #TheArtistShowcase which was held in Savannah, Georgia in late September. Her stage presence alone will truly catch your attention and keep it! It's surprising to know that LVI has only been recording music for one year. Her lyrical content and presence on each track is sure to have you singing her songs all day long like I did!

LVI has an EP dropping November 28th which is a special day for her; her father will finally return home from prison after serving 8 long years. This project drops right in time for the holidays as "Meanwhile the EP" is the title of the EP which showcases her thoughts, moments, and stories of others all placed in one project for her fans to hear.

LVI's Social Media:

Twitter: @iamlvi | Instagram: @viewlvi | YouTube: LviMusic | FaceBook: LyricallyVeryIntelligent/LviMusic

Check out our exclusive interview below: