“I was introduced to Georgia Doll and her agency by word of mouth through a friend of mine. The services I received from the agency was a consultation meeting followed by development of marketing materials and I will gladly use her services again. I was extremely satisfied with the services. She was timely with responses and was very intuitive on all that I needed. I have no complaints!”

Star Rating: 5


Instagram: @shadro_roshad | Twitter: @Shadrofrescobar

"I've been knowing Georgia Doll for years and the service her agency provided for me was a quality photo shoot (Photography). The services I received were well done, well planned, and so much fun. Georgia Media Agency has my support in anything, whether it involves me or not. I have no complaints whatsoever and I plan to continue utilizing Georgia Media's services. Much love!"

Star Rating: 5


Instagram + Twitter: @RoyceMonroe

"The service Georgia Media Agency rendered was creating a Biography for an artist of Generation Now [Record Label]. We were definitely satisfied and impressed with the quality of the biography and turn-around time. The attention to detail in the questions Georgia Doll asked to prepare to the biography made it relatable when read. There was absolutely nothing I disliked about the service and I'd utilize Georgia Media Agency's services again. Thank you."

Star Rating: 5


Instagram + Twitter: @melainbar_

"Georgia Doll hosted my company's Pop Up Shop in Atlanta, GA. I was very pleased with her hosting skills and services and she was amazing!! I came in contact with her through social media after one of her interns referred me to their Instagram. We at Melanin Bar will definitely be using her services again. There was absolutely nothing I disliked about her hosting. Will recommend her and Georgia Media Agency to others. Thank you so much!"

Star Rating: 5


Instagram: @viewlvi | Twitter: @iamlvi

"I found out about Georgia Media Agency through social media as well as through the rap group 283. The services I've received were: Performing at #TheArtistShowcase, receiving professional photos at each show that I've added to my portfolio, as well as an exclusive audio interview. I am most definitely satisfied with all of the services I've received. Georgia Media has offered me some of the best services and experiences I've had in regards to music. There's nothing that I disliked and Georgia Media is a great agency and very hard-working. Thanks so much for everything." 

Star Rating: 5

283 // MOD The Bear and Deagle

 Instagram: @modthebear // @283dee | Twitter: @modthebear // @dglewittadgle

"We've received an Exclusive Interview which is on YouTube, Performed at various #TheArtistShowcase shows, blog placement, a Music Video, and received additional performance opportunities with other companies all from Georgia Media Agency. We are always satisfied with the customer service Georgia Media Agency gives. We now know Georgia Doll personally but connected through social media initially. 283 will use Georgia Media's services again and there was nothing we disliked from the Agency."

Star Rating:  5


Social Media Handles: @_JaeSupreme

"I found out about Georgia Media Agency through social media. The media services I was provided were: Artist Of The Week , SoundCloud Promotion, Performing at #TheArtistShowcase, and I received a Recap Blog of my performance. I am satisfied will all services from Georgia Media Agency and there was nothing that I did not like about the services I received. I will definitely utilize their services again."

Star Rating: 5


Social Media Handles: @Claydoe912

"I know Georgia Doll Personally and Georgia Media Agency helped me prepare a competitive resume and reconstructed my biography so it could be ready to send off for casting calls. I am extremely satisfied with Georgia Doll's high level of dedication and professionalism. There was nothing I disliked about the services I received."

Star Rating: 5


Social Media Handles: @singyanna_

"I was and still am 100% satisfied with the services I have received from Georgia Media Agency. This organization genuinely cares about the success of their clients and they have helped me tremendously so far! The services I received were: Media Consultation, Biography Construction, a Radio Interview set up, currently coordinating a Photo Shoot for me, etc. There was nothing that I disliked about my consultation. Georgia Doll was on time and she took notes, which she immediately emailed to me following the meeting."

Star Rating: 5

TripPie Hippie | Cool Ass Asian

Instagram: @coolass_asian | Twitter: @coolassasian

"I know Georgia Doll personally and Georgia Media Agency provided me with really good promotion and they opened new doors for me since I've been working with them. I was satisfied with the media promotion and artist showcase services because they made sure to stay in contact and made everything as professional as possible. I will definitely use their services again and I had no problems at all from the agency."

Star Rating: 5

DJ Problem Child

Instagram: @djproblemchild | Twitter: @DJProbChild_

"A few services Georgia Media Agency provided me with was consulting, media, and ultimately publicist services. I am satisfied with the services that Georgia Media Agency has rendered and I am still satisfied with the publicist services I am provided with. Georgia Media Agency promotes my events, mixes, even helps book events, and attends all gigs and events I am booked for. There is nothing I dislike about the agency or the services I receive. I would recommend this agency to other people."

Star Rating: 5